Deckocalypse 2011 – Day 8: Landing and stairs

Day 8 began with finalizing the necessary support structure for the landing and the stairs, which was a bit of an extension from what we had originally.

Day 8: Final stair supports

Once the support structure was done, Anderson and Roberto started laying all of the boards on the landing. This work included putting down facing boards that wrapped around each level of the landing/stairs, along with trying to conceal a small gap beneath each "floating" stair:

Day 8: Landing Ipe laid

Day 8: Paint added to floating stair gap

Unfortunately, our original design plans we slightly off in our calculations for the width of the deck (a theory vs. practice problem). As a result, in order to match the desired width, a reduced-width board had to be ripped in order to finish things off properly:

Day 8: Narrow board required on landing

Day 8: Landing miter in facing board

The other project that I undertook in parallel was to start drilling the ventilation holes in the exterior framing. These holes would be extended through the cladding Ipe, and then ventilation covers would be placed over each hole. The idea here was to try to provide as many opportunities to get air underneath the deck, thus offering (hopefully) the cross-ventilation we wanted to reduce cupping problems. As a side note, drilling circular holes through 2×6 pressure-treated lumber proved much harder than I had imagined…

Day 8: Ventilation holes in exterior pressure treated lumber

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