Deckocalypse 2011 – Day 14: DG, sanding and finishing

Now that the planter box was done, we could start wrapping things up. The first big chore was removing a large amount of dirt and decomposed granite that had accumulated over the course of the project. This meant digging and hauling out about 25 buckets worth of crap that I wanted out of the yard.

Day 13: A big pile of cr*p to deal with

Day 14: DG and dirt removed from yard

Day 14: DG and dirt leftovers

The last step involved using orbital sanders to sand the entire deck. This was done to remove any scratches introduced during construction, and to get rid of all the pencil marks that had been created for the screws.

Day 14: Sanding

After sanding, the deck was blown clean with a compressor and swept multiple times to remove as much of the dust as possible prior to finishing.

Day 14: Sand cleanup before staining

The deck was finished with a penetrating oil designed for outdoor hardwoods (called Penofin). The Penofin was rubbed onto the entire deck, then after about 10-15 minutes, wiped with clean cloths to remove any excess oil. Ipe is tremendously hard, and resists almost every finish you could try to apply, so the oil wouldn’t go very deep. Regardless, once it was done, the result was pretty spectacular.

Day 14: Penofin stain

Day 14: Penofin stain detail

Day 14: Completed deck

Day 14: Completed deck detail

And here are the guys who made it all happen…I owe our new outdoor room to Anderson and Roberto. They did a fantastic job with a smile, and were an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the way.

Day 14: The guys who made it happen - Anderson and Roberto

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