Deckocalypse 2011 – Day 11: Boards, North (Part I)

The time had come to finish off the North boards on the deck. Anderson needed to rip a few boards down to narrower width, which meant cutting then routing the edges to match (since the boards were all rounded):

Day 11: Ripping a long board

Day 11: Router for curved edge after rippping

Day 11: Router edge detail

The final section was going to be easy. All 14-foot boards. We just had to match everything at a uniform seam in the deck, and then it would essentially be done.

Day 11: Initial boards on final section

Day 11: Final boards

Day 11: Almost done...

Once we laid all the boards, measured, drilled holes, and locked everything down, we cleaned up the equipment on the deck and took a look. Despite our best efforts, we realized we had made a mistake: the boards on the deck were not straight across the seam. The end of the 14-foot boards was off by 1 inch, which meant things looked crooked.

Day 11: Crooked across seam...Not done

An inch might seem like a lot, but over the length of a 14-foot board, you only need an error of roughly 1/16 inch per foot of board to generate that kind of difference. Even though each section looked great, the whole deck was slightly out of kilter. Initially, I thought it was no big deal, but after looking at it for a bit, we realized it was a significant enough difference to merit some rework. We broke for the day, and I left it to Anderson and Roberto to think about the best solution.

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