A Day for Mom

Ryan and Mom

today is a day to celebrate our Mom’s, for all that they have done, all that they have given us, for the love they have brought to our worlds and spirits. for the greatest gift anyone could ever give another: life.

my Mom is an amazing woman who struggled and sacrificed to help me become the person that i am today. there was no instruction manual and she did it alone, striving to give me the things she never had growing up. she loves me with all her heart, and for many years during my rebellious and independent youth, i could not see that love. it was clouded as i tried to individuate, to become myself apart from parental guidance, to find my way in the world. it caused us to separate for awhile, to drift apart, sad at the disconnection that had come between us, but not knowing how to repair it. we each played our part in the way our relationship unfolded, doing our best, but still missing our connection somehow.

the gap that was created existed for many years, despite our desire to repair. there were still resonances of past arguments and disagreements and misunderstanding. it was hard to find the words to repair the past hurt, and so we drifted into that place that i suspect many parents and children do: comfortable friendship, conversations about the weather and what’s happening in the family, pleasantries that stay away from those past memories and wounds.

on our last visit, my mom and i found a way to open those past doors without fear or defensiveness. we reconnected in a way we haven’t for years, and started a journey down a path to rediscovery of ourselves and our connection. when we parted, it wasn’t with sadness, it was with joy, love, and respect for one another as people, as mom and son.

and so on this day devoted to Moms everywhere, i want to recognize my special Mom, and all that she has given to me. i love you Mom. you gave me life and helped me become who i am today, and i will never again take for granted your special spirit and gift to the world, and all that you have given me.

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One thought on “A Day for Mom

  1. Ruth Lieu

    What a beautiful post and tribute to your mother. It must’ve taken a lot of courage and love from the both of you to break a long standing pattern. And, wonderful to hear that it was well worth it.


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