the insult and injury of aging

i realized recently that aging is a series of forces that negatively reinforce one another to make our lives progressively more "interesting".

case in point — as i age i find that two things are happening: 1) my eyesight is getting worse (i now need to wear reading glasses), and 2) i am becoming slightly more forgetful. when you combine these two things together, what you get is the fact that i am constantly in situations where i need my reading glasses, but i have forgotten to bring them, and hence can’t see what i’m doing.

in evolutionary terms, as my friend chookyfuzzbang points out, this would normally mean i’d be blown out of the gene pool at this point. fortunately, we live in modern times, and i’m not subject to being eaten by large predators because i forgot to bring my stylish reading glasses on the hunt. i do, however, often find myself in situations where i can’t see my food when i go out to eat.

as my father-in-law is fond of saying, getting old sucks.

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3 thoughts on “the insult and injury of aging

  1. robert

    I sprained my knee three weeks ago, so I was hobbling around in class. wincing in pain. in front of 18 year olds. That’ll make you feel old real fast.


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