Monthly Archives: October 2008

election ’08: say anything

listening to news coverage of the election today, it struck me that anyone can basically say anything at this point. the truth has become entirely irrelevant. i’m not being partisan about this….i think each campaign is saying things about the other that are untrue, if examined closely enough. it’s just that it’s becoming more blatant…does anyone else notice? or care?

is Obama a socialist? John McCain goes on Larry King and says ‘No’ and then in a speech the next day says that Obama’s positions put him to the left of Socialists. and then there’s Joe the Plumber calling him a Socialist, and McCain putting Joe on the stump. is Joe a mouthpiece for McCain or the other way around? who can tell? what fraction of the US population even knows what a Socialist is? Steven Colbert recently had the Socialist party candidate on his show, and asked him if Obama was a Socialist, and he said No, unequivocally.

is John McCain a perfect clone of George Bush? Obama asks crowds to name one point in terms of economic policy on which McCain and Bush disagree. who is even remotely qualified to answer this question with any degree of certainty? i’m sure that even if McCain is pointing the generally same direction (i.e., trickle-down economics blah blah), that there are policy differences.

tax cuts. tax hikes. redistribution of wealth. the creation of opportunity. good for you. good for me. bad for you. bad for me. bad for everyone. blah blah blah.

we’ve known their fundamental positions for a long, long, long, long, my-God-i-want-to-slash-my-wrists long time. let’s just vote. let’s see which way the country wants to go, like a democracy should. get it over with and see if i need to consider moving to New Zealand.

uncomfortable halloween moments

Halloween is one of those holidays that opens up lots of uncomfortable possibilities. two come to mind:

uncomfortable scenario 1:
"Hey, nice costume!!"
"What costume?"

uncomfortable scenario 2:
"ummm…am i supposed to know what your costume is?"

you can probably guess which one happened to me at work today. :-)

the insult and injury of aging

i realized recently that aging is a series of forces that negatively reinforce one another to make our lives progressively more "interesting".

case in point — as i age i find that two things are happening: 1) my eyesight is getting worse (i now need to wear reading glasses), and 2) i am becoming slightly more forgetful. when you combine these two things together, what you get is the fact that i am constantly in situations where i need my reading glasses, but i have forgotten to bring them, and hence can’t see what i’m doing.

in evolutionary terms, as my friend chookyfuzzbang points out, this would normally mean i’d be blown out of the gene pool at this point. fortunately, we live in modern times, and i’m not subject to being eaten by large predators because i forgot to bring my stylish reading glasses on the hunt. i do, however, often find myself in situations where i can’t see my food when i go out to eat.

as my father-in-law is fond of saying, getting old sucks.

banksy and the village pet store

ever since my last trip to london, and my visit to the Cans Festival, i have been a huge Banksy fan. apparently he has a new thing going on in New York: The Village Pet Store.

this store appears to be a complete departure from his street art, but it doesn’t surprise me after reading Wall and Piece. he’s done plenty of things that fall well outside the realm of street art, including "vandalizing" art museums by placing variations of known pieces on the walls and waiting to see how long they stayed up before anyone noticed (check out the films portion of his site, then click ‘Museum’).

what i like so much about Banksy is his unique combination of artistic ability and caustic social commentary. he seems to see the world in a way that many don’t, and can express his vision in unusual, creative, and often surprising ways. some might consider him an artistic terrorist because of his non-traditional approach, but i think it’s just a way for him to amplify and strengthen his message. if he wanted to put traditional art in galleries, he’s clearly got the talent to do so, but that wouldn’t serve his purposes. he wants as many people as possible, not just art-museum denizens, to see his work, to let it sink into their conscious and subconscious minds and either work its magic or wreak havoc.

the best way to appreciate Banksy is up close and personal, but for those who haven’t had the opportunity, here are a few pieces and links to related information: