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chinese food, five at a time

rather than post all of my food photos from China at once, i decided to take a more piecemeal approach (har). i’ll be uploading five pics a day to my flickr stream. they’ll be in chronological order, starting with Beijing, moving through Shanghai, Huangshan, Shexian, Nanxiang, and then ending in Shanghai (yes, we went there twice).

in summary, i’d have to say that during the 12 days we were in China, i probably ate better, and more continuously, than i have at any other point in my life. each meal (most of which were orchestrated by my father-in law Eric) was an adventure, filled with surprises and delights at every mouthful. from banquets in imperial palaces, to hot pot at a college student hangout, it was all amazing…this culinary journey was just as much a part of our adventure as the places we visited.

China 2007 :: She Xian

Revolutionary Wall II

On our way back from Huang Shan, we stopped and visited an ancient walled city called She Xian. while much of the city is modern (relatively speaking), a lot of it has been preserved as it has been for hundreds of years. A truly authentic cultural experience, not one that most tourists would get, and one we certainly wouldn’t have had without Eric and Debbie as our tour guides.


after a tragicomic series of mishaps, elaine and i finally managed to see Sunshine, the latest effort by director Danny Boyle (Millions, Trainspotting, 28 Days Later). i was a huge fan of both Trainspotting and 28 Days Later, and so have been very eager to experience Boyle’s take on the sci-fi genre.

and so, after all our trials and tribulations with seeing this film, was the wait worth it?

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What’s New Year’s without helium?

What’s New Year’s without helium?

We had a terrific New Year’s Eve with Joe, Betty, Trevor, Pam, Tony, and Roberto. Cocktails led to dinner led to cocktails led to celebration led to more cocktails led to hangover. Dinner was at Citron in Berkeley, and cocktail hour(s) were held at Joe and Betty’s in the Oakland hills. of course, photos of the festivities are available.

Happy New Year’s wishes from us to everyone else out there!! we hope you have a fantastic 2008. We’re looking forward to lots of fun and adventure ourselves.