sunshine: the saga continues

i’ve ranted about my efforts to try to see Sunshine, the sci-fi effort by Danny Boyle. i have a new update to the saga.

i was trying to plan a movie night with friends to watch it here on my new big screen HDTV (aka Wank-o-vision), but i had to wait until it was out on rental. i figured a month or two after our aborted attempts to see the film, we’d be munching popcorn, having cocktails, and watching the gorgeous vision of Mr. Boyle. not so.

i waited. and waited. and waited. and amazon didn’t post a DVD release date. and now i check back, and it’s January 8, 2008. are you kidding me? from a theatrical release of July 20, 2007? this is the modern age, people. digital means everything is faster, mmkay?

i am certain, now, that when i get this movie from netflix, the disc will be scratched, and i will send it back for another one, and before it comes back, my house will be struck by lightning and burn to the ground. i will never see this movie.

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3 thoughts on “sunshine: the saga continues

  1. docrpm

    at this point, given the murphy’s law nature of the world, i will probably hate it. that would be even worse than the sun going nova on January 7, which means it has a higher probability of happening.


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