Space invaders tag the Brooklyn Bridge

Space invaders tag the Brooklyn Bridge

last week i was in New York for business, and manged to finagle a few extra days so that i could hang out with my friend Chookyfuzzbang and see my childhood buddy Michael. i spent all of my time in manhattan and brooklyn and generally had a fantastic trip, despite being a bit cold and getting totally soaked with rain one night. new york remains one of my favorite "places-to-visit-but-you-wouldn’t-want-to-live-there."

during the business part of the trip, i shared a room with my buddy Seth at the Hotel on Rivington on the lower-east side. highlights include all black hallways that are perpetually dark, groovy designer flourishes, and a bar called Thor. it was a fun place to stay, and pretty centrally located; we also had a fantastic view from our 15th floor room.

after my business was done, the trip was spent eating, drinking, and walking, which is pretty much what you do in Manhattan. highlights include:

  • hanging out with Chooky and his two kids Sophia and Caden (whom i dubbed The Chairman because of his cute little blue chair and his generally regal manner)
  • dinner with my friend Michael and his girlfriend Ise
  • a hot pastrami sandwich from Carnegie’s deli in midtown
  • walking across the Brooklyn bridge
  • strolling the streets of Soho and watching polished black Escalades shuttle the rich from gallery to gallery
  • a visit to the Guggenheim, where a great show of Richard Price’s work was on display
  • strolling around Tribeca, which i had never really seen before
  • the helicopter we took from JFK to midtown (one of the perks of business travel with a nice boss)
  • bar-hopping with Chooky (Backroom and Angels’ Share), which ended with us eating awesome yakitori and fried calamari legs at 3am

it had been nearly 10 years since i’d been to manhattan, and while many things changed, so much was still the same. you can change buildings and restaurants and stores, but there will always be the collection of little things that add up to make Manhattan: the alternately quirky and ultra-fashionable ways people dress, the pace of life, the sea of cabs, the byzantine subway, the feel of walking down 5th Avenue, the menagerie of incongruent people and things smashed together. there’s no place else like it.

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2 thoughts on “Space invaders tag the Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Chooky

    It’s probably been 10 years since we had some serious time together too. I had a great time. The kids too. Sophia still keeps saying “Ryan slept on the couch”.


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