red ring of death, part II

in the second part of my xbox 360 saga, microsoft comes through!!! they provided one of the best customer service experiences i’ve had. i’m still sort of in shock (and a little sad that i can’t write a total anti-microsoft rant for this entry ;-)):

  1. the box to return my 360 arrived as promised, and sending it back was a snap (pre-paid postage, packing materials included, good instructions from the CSR)
  2. i went away to china for two weeks expecting to wait another 1-3 weeks to receive my new unit after returning
  3. microsoft sent me a completely new machine and it arrived while i was away (i.e., 1-3 weeks earlier than estimated by the CSR with whom i spoke)
  4. in addition to the new 360, they gave me a coupon for a free month of xbox live (given that i was out of commission for two weeks)

it may be costing them a billion dollars to deal with this hardware mess, but this experience completely reinforces my platform loyalty. oh yeah, that and the fact that the games are great (helloooooo Bioshock! hellloooooo Halo 3).

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2 thoughts on “red ring of death, part II

  1. chooky

    What do you think of Bioshock and Halo? I’m really enjoying the campaign in coop mode. I’m up for some legendary coop with you if we can find the time.

  2. rPm

    i am really enjoying Bioshock; there are aspects of the game play that i find a little repetitive, but the general execution is flawless. i’m going to finish that before i dive into Halo. once i’m in, you can count me in for Legendary co-op.


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