back from China

huang shan in the fog

elaine and i recently returned from two fantastic weeks in China (Beijing, Huang Shan, and Shanghai). in the coming weeks, i’ll be doing two things: (1) posting a whole lot of pictures to my Flickr account, and (2) writing about our experiences there. there’s a lot to share, but here’s the nutshell of what you can look forward to:

  • Total days: 14
  • Cities: 7
  • Hotels: 6
  • 90-story hotels that look like Gotham City: 1
  • Historical sites (temples, palaces, etc.): 10
  • Ridiculous mountain peaks climbed in Huang Shan: 1 (Tiendu Fang)
  • Estimated number of stairs climbed in Huang Shan: 40,000
  • Fellow tourists in Shanghai during visit: 4.2 million
  • Blisters between me and Elaine: 3
  • Huge Chinese banquets comsumed: 5
  • Weirdest food: Toad saliva soup in Mango shell (yummy!)
  • Great friends who joined us on trip: 1 (Bernie Dechant)
  • In-law tour guides extraordinaire: 2 (thank you, Eric and Debbie)
  • Companion extraordinaire: 1 (i love you, Elaine)
  • General sentiment after trip: wow…can’t wait to see more

please stay tuned as i gear up and start writing about some of the things we experienced!!

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