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drink up. eat up. light up.

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on my way to fort lauderdale this week, i had a layover in Denver. a long layover. one that started out being an hour and ended up being three hours. during the delay, my traveling companion and i explored the eating and drinking options a bit, searching for someplace with that certain airport je ne sais quoi. we found the Mesa Verde bar and grill, whose slogan (slightly obscured in photo, ironically) is "Drink up. Eat up. Light up.". pretty simple tagline, highlighting the fact that other states still allow smoking in bars, among other things.

Toto, i don’t think we’re in san francisco any more.

how many items?

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the photo above was taken at my local Safeway. while certainly well-intentioned, i think their desire to streamline the checkout process has gone slightly awry.

when carrying a full hand-held basket, how easy is it to count the number of items you have? can you even see all of them? what if you laid a bag of chips on top of 15 smaller items? if i have a single bag full of 10 oranges, is that 1 item or 10? if i don’t put the oranges into a bag, is it 1 item or 10? the seemingly simple Express Checkout process is full of fuzzy logic, in my mind. i doubt that anyone counts items when they go through these stands, and by the same token, i doubt that checkers count things either.

the whole point of line segmentation in markets is to separate the full carts from the people with a few items. why bother putting numbers to things? why not just segment based on the size of your cart (handheld or four-wheeling)? doesn’t that make more sense? sure, there’s the edge case of the guy who buys 50 packs of gum and puts it into a hand basket, but there aren’t many freaks like that….oh wait. sorry. i live in san francisco.