ryan and his dad

Richard McCormack and Ryan McCormack ca. 1975

the photo above was taken around the end of 1974 when i was just about 8 years old. my dad had asked a friend of his to take some photos of us, and then to render them as mixed media artwork (which he did, with pencil and washes of vibrant orange and yellow that only the 70s could have produced). one of those pictures still hangs on my dad’s wall today, along with some of the crude pen and ink drawings i did as a child.

Richard McCormack and Ryan McCormack - June 17, 2006

thirty-odd years pass, and then the photo above is taken, one year ago today, on my wedding day – father and son, standing together on a day of immeasurable happiness after four decades riding the rolloercoaster of life. i would never have survived that ride, and enjoyed it the way i have, were it not for him.

thank you, Dad, for 40 years of standing by my side.

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3 thoughts on “ryan and his dad

  1. John and Jan Mc

    We were very happy to find your blog, and to see pictures of John’s brother, Rich – and you, our nephew. We’ve lost touch since their brother Jim’s passing, and would very much like for you to contact us at the email that we attached to this post.


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