Monthly Archives: November 2006

layout bug fixed (hopefully)

some of you have commented over the years that the layout of this blog was wacked, specifically that vertical height of the page went to infinity and beyond. there were technical reasons for that lame behavior. really. i swear.

i think it’s fixed. if anything looks wacky or more stupid than it did before, please let me know. as always, your patience is appreciated.

kauai honeymoon photos

at long last, i have posted our kauai honeymoon photos. the first page of images in the gallery are all large-format panoramas; the rest of the photos are standard issue.

you might wonder why i took so many panoramas, and the answer is pretty simple: kauai is one big panorama. composite shots are the only way to partially capture just how big everything is, and they’re still pretty lame in comparison to the reality. the only way to really grasp the essence and majesty of the island is to go and stand above the napali coast with your jaw on the ground…if these pictures do anything, i hope they inspire you to make the trip.