underworld : evolution

underworld evolution
it’s interesting to watch a movie (like underworld evolution) that most everyone else thought sucked, and yet somehow you enjoyed. it makes you wonder, not necessarily about the intrinsic quality of the film, but about perception and enjoyment.

i’m not going to waste the bytes to review it. you can check out the synopsis somewhere else (google or find your own trusted source). in fact, i’m not even going to say why i liked it, because most people would probably either disagree or deride me for it.

i will just ask, how can some people enjoy a movie that others hate with a passion? how is it that people whom we trust can recommend films, and yet they fall flat for us? i have many movie-going friends whose judgment i trust for the most part, and yet sometimes, they find foam-inspiring films that make me yawn. and vice-versa, of course – sometimes, the films that i really enjoy, for one reason or another, put other people to sleep or make them want to throw things.

film (or movies) are an impossible combination of things. they are a simulacrum, and yet they can transcend simulation into the space of fantasy. they combine the visual and the auditory with storytelling and performance. they take ideas and smash them together like a celluloid collider, hoping that some new particle is created. sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. it seems to depend on the viewer.

so the next time someone recommends a movie to you, and you watch it and think it’s terrible, think twice before you discount their next recommendation. when it comes to movies, you never know…

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