the corpse bride

the corpse bride
the corpse bride is tim burton’s latest foray into the world of stop-motion animation, and it’s a fantastic foray, indeed.
tim burton is one of my heroes. in an adult world, he manages to remind us of what it’s like to have fun, to have a childlike sense of wonder while retaining one’s adult capacity to laugh at the absurdity of it all. on top of that, he makes beautiful and funny films, capsules that takes you away for two hours, only to return a happier person (despite subject matter that might seem grim).

there are no perfect characters in a tim burton world. they all have weaknesses writ rather large, and we get to either snigger knowingly or identify with them. he always pulls out the characters you love to hate; in the corpse bride, it’s the officious housewife with a 4-foot-tall beehive hairdoo, the soulless husband in her grasp, the preacher mired in a world of endless rules and rituals. he paints each and every one of them in a way that magnifies their absurdity, while still retaining a twinge of believability. his heroes and heroines are flawed, insecure, and yet admirable and strong in their own ways. i can’t speak for others, but i’ve always felt i could see pieces of my imperfect self in his characters.

aside from great storytelling, the corpse bride is visually stunning, with animation that never ceases to amaze. plus, it’s got lots of musical numbers with corpses. how could it go wrong? watch it and judge for yourself.

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