Monthly Archives: August 2006

all green, for now

whenever i drive places in the city, and it’s really easy to get there, i get a little suspicious from a karmic standpoint. take today, for instance.

i left work early to run two errands. i gave myself an hour for both, knowing that under the best circumstances, it could take 30 minutes; 45 minutes was more realistic. this doesn’t include the time to get home after the errands were done, which could add as much as another 45 minutes.

it took me about 8 minutes to get to my first errand. i drove up and parked right in front of the building (a Kojak, as we call it). hopped out of the car, paid a ridiculous $0.25 for 6 minutes on the meter, walked up the stairs, got my package, walked down the stairs, done. it took about three minutes. the next errand wouldn’t be so easy. i had to cross the city, going through some notoriously congested areas.

the path to my next destination was going to be slower, and parking was going to be bad….i knew it.
from SoMA, i swung up Ninth street, crossed Market, turned on Franklin, and then drove all the way up to California without stopping once. all 18 lights were green (ok, maybe there was one 10-second pause). on that particular route, my smooth trip amounts to a planetary alignment of our entire solar system. the rest of the journey was pretty quick, and ended with a parking miracle: i drove up and parked half a block away (a Serpico – he never got to park right in front).

i waltzed into the building in question and walked into an empty elevator with its doors already standing ajar, as if waiting for my timed arrival. seriously creepy. up 8 floors, no stops, pick up my next package, back to the elevator, down 8 floors, no stops, and out. the elevators in this particular building usually involve about 6 stops, most of which involve kind, but slow-moving, elderly people.

total time to complete my two errands: 30 minutes. of course, it took me 30 minutes to get home, but it could have been worse. now, my question is, was the delay getting home the balance on my karmic scales, or is there a smackdown coming sometime soon?