wedding paparazzi linkroll (to go)

Ryan McCormack and Elaine Hsieh - married

elaine and i got married on June 17.

(moment of silence)

woo hoo!!!!!!!

while a post is forthcoming that shares some of my thoughts from that most glorious day, i wanted to make some photos available. in addition to our paid photographer and his assistant, there were several paparazzi in evidence at the wedding, many of whom are either Flickr fans, or have their own Web sites. in an effort to provide anyone who is interested with full, unadulterated coverage, the following linkroll for our wedding is offered:

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3 thoughts on “wedding paparazzi linkroll (to go)

  1. Ruth

    Ahhhhh! Everything was gorgeous. I have to admit just looking at the pictures made me tear up. Congratulations you two.


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