what’s next?

What’s next?, you ask?

the entire course of human history is about to change. apparently, the end of the world is nigh (again). between earthquakes, tsunamis, and terrorists, it’s all going to Hell in a handbasket. God is the only one who can save us.

my agnosticism aside, could someone come up with better marketing materials for these folks? i mean, seriously. if you look at the brochure i got in the mail yesterday, the front cover insert image says “Image courtesy of the HQ, USACE, Office of History.” that just screams credibility to me.

here are a few thoughts:

  • hire a Web designer who knows that red is an accent color, and make those nice images clickable!
  • get a writer who can speak clearly and plainly, without the need for all the fire and brimstone stuff. things like “The Origin of Evil”, “Armageddon,” and “The Coming of the Messiah” are so 15th century.
  • don’t bother with fancy DVDs full of “Bible references and exciting special effects.” Hollywood has already done it better than you ever can, even with God on your side.
  • find real people to offer testimonials, as opposed to quoting entire Western states.
  • try for more more positive messages and visual imagery; puppies are always good. people get tired of worrying about death and destruction and stuff; we get that from our President all the time.

heyyyyy…wait a second! Dubya, was it you who sent that?

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