the worst packing job ever

poorly packed amazon box
generally, i think amazon is the best thing since sliced bread. however, they blew it this time. the photo above shows what has to be the most egregious waste of packing (not to mention shipping) resources i have ever seen. that entire box, measuring 26″ L X 20″ W X 9″ H was used to ship one baking sheet.

i’m trying to figure out how this could have happened, and i’m a bit puzzled. stupidity is an obvious answer, but i occasionally like to give people credit. anyone got any ideas?

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4 thoughts on “the worst packing job ever

  1. elaine

    my theory is that amazon did not have a small box wide enough for the baking sheet and thus were forced to use that ginormous box instead…

  2. James Hsieh

    Remember that this is the age of specialization. Clearly, the person at Amazon hasn’t taken the “Packing a Baking Sheet” certification class yet. This was clearly packed by someone only trained to pack books….


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