Monthly Archives: March 2006

hanging thought bubbles

imagine you’re having a nice little chat using your favorite instant messgener program (iChat, for instance). you and your friend du instant are making small talk. you make a rather witty remark with which you’re terribly impressed, and think you might get a lol, or maybe even a lmao.

your friend starts typing. you know this (on iChat, at least) because a little thought bubble cloud goes up next to their clever IM icon. you wait anxiously for the response.


the thought bubble just hangs there in perpetuity. you start imagining all sorts of scenarios:

  • your friend flipped a quarter trying to decide whether or not to laugh at your joke, and it landed on its edge, stopping time (sorta like that episode of Twilight Zone)
  • the X-Men just walked into your friend’s office, and Professor Xavier decided to slow things down a bit, just for kicks (so to speak)
  • early-onset alzheimer’s struck hard, and your friend forgot you were even there
  • doh…bathroom!
  • the joke just wasn’t that funny after all, and your friend decided to get some real work done and leave you hanging in the process
  • maybe they don’t love me any more!!!
  • they never even meant to respond…you’re just witnessing a random, meaningless keystroke, dummy

so there you have it. one of those little things about life in the digital age that makes things interesting. something that could never happen in the meat world is now an everyday occurrence.

oh look! my friend started typing again! (and yes, fyi, i do have too much time on my hands)