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<crotchety old man>
i was coming home on the bus today, as i usually do. it was a little earlier than normal, which meant there were school-age kids on the bus, presumably going home (or not). the mission bus is usually crowded with latinos and the odd indie denizen or bernal heights yuppie (aka me). today there was a group of asian kids behind me, laughing, joking, having a good time. ah, the energy of youth!!

the time came for them to get off the bus, and they piled off in a cloud of high-tops, shouts, and immortality. the last man out reached up and stuck his hand inside a mysterious hole above the door – the loud pssst of hydraulics followed his laugh (ha!) out the door, and they were off down the street.

the doors they left through stayed open, oddly enough.

we waited.

after a minute or two, the bus driver got out of the bus, walked around outside, forcibly closed the doors, then walked back to the front.

again, we waited.

the doors were still screwed up. some sort of interlock mechanism on these buses exists such that if the doors aren’t closed properly, or if there is a malfunction, the bus won’t move.

another nearby bus driver came to the doors (again on the outside of the bus), and kept trying to push the doors shut.
"hey…there were some kids who pulled this thing and…", i suggested. the bus driver ignored me. the other bus driver came back through the bus this time, and i told him about the kids, the sound, the apparent crime. he looked up, reached through the same hole the kid had violated, and flipped a red hydraulic switch. again the hiss and the doors closed. mystery solved, bus mobile, crowd pleased.

call me weird.. call me old-fashioned. call me prank-illiterate. in what world is it actually funny to make a whole bus of people sit and wait, anxious to get home, or to wherever they’re going? it takes no creativity to do what that kid did…no brain cells were harmed in the creation of that prank, if you could even call it that. i like to think i have a sense of humor and can appreciate the things kids do, but i just didn’t get the joke.

i hope my kids never do crap like that.

</crotchety old man>

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