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camp mather and yosemite

elaine and i visited camp mather and yosemite back in August. our friends paul and julia had rented a cabin for themselves and their two girls, but still had extra space. they were kind enough to invite us along, and we accepted, not really knowing what to expect.

camp mather has a long history dating back to the construction of O’Shaughnessy Dam and Hetch Hetchy reservoir, where it was used as a sawmill and a place for interested tourists to stay during construction of the dam. today, it’s used as a recreational park for residents of san francisco. they have a highly competitive lottery every year for spots at the camp, and apparently it’s always packed. well, it certainly was when we were there.

what follows are some of the highlights of the trip. of course, i documented nearly everything in a photo journal of camp mather and yosemite.

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robot love

after upgrading my blog software last night, i decided to take a look through my traffic logs to see how had been faring over the past few months. pure vanity, it’s true, but anyone who blogs and claims to lack at least some sliver of vanity is a liar, IMNSHO.

at first, things were looking pretty good—about 300 visitors a day. plenty of hits (although it’s all relative; i’m not going to be the next Yahoo or anything). and then i started looking at the traffic in a little more depth, and realized that the bulk of the visitors to my site did not appear to be human.

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blog upgrade

just upgraded to MovableType 3.2. from the looks of it, this is a pretty major upgrade, so there may be some slight problems ahead. if you notice anything that seems to be amiss (i.e., pages that look all jacked, things that are just plain broken, etc.), please let me know. i really appreciate it.
thanks for your patience and thanks for reading!

desolation wilderness 09.05

for the past three years, i’ve gone camping in desolation wilderness with one or more of my friends. we’ve been trying to make the annual camping trip a tradition. it’s a good way to stay in touch with friends and nature alike.

this was the first year we’ve been able to coordinate an outing with the four of us who have gone over the years (bill, trevor, eric, and myself). bill’s been raising kids, which has made it nigh on impossible to plan a trip with him, but this year was different—bill contacted us and said he was up for the hike. after some wrangling over maps and possible camp spots, we decided to revisit desolation wilderness. trevor and i had found what looked like a good spot last year, so it seemed a good choice for a three–day trip (easy hike in, decent day–hiking potential, known site with nearby fishing).

it was all going to be so easy.

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