Monthly Archives: February 2005

the hours, they slip away

the internet and the computers that feed from it are many things, but they are one thing above all else: temporal vampires. they suck time like a pornstar.

it evaporates. you blink, and two hours have passed. maybe three. maybe five. sometimes that time was well spent. other times, not.

we pay a price for technology. use it wisely and you benefit. use it poorly, and you’re sucked dry.

thomas koner – nuuk

thomas koner - nuuk

i first heard thomas köner on a 1994 darkwave ambient compilation called ambient isolationism. he contributed ‘kanon (brohuk),’ and while i enjoyed it, it didn’t captivate my attention as much as the tracks by :zoviet*france and Lull. a few years later, i was at a local favorite indie record shop (Aquarius Records on Valencia), and i spotted a special köner post–vinyl–only CD-release of an album called ‘unerforschtes gebiet’ (which translates roughly as ‘uncharted territory’). based on their recommendation, i picked it up.

i couldn’t stop listening to it. in fact, i still can’t stop listening to it. although now, i probably listen to Nuuk a lot more.

the country that inspired Nuuk

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the things you find on your car

i found a small piece of white paper on my car windshield one day.

it’s been sitting on my office shelf for months. i kept it for some reason; throwing it away out of hand just didn’t seem right. now i’m cleaning and can’t bring myself to cast it into the great recycling beyond without sending its echo across the digital ether.

maybe it’s nothing. maybe it’s profound. i suppose it could be either. or both.

we can save each other