rat bastard spammers

in a previous entry, i informed my kind readership that comments within this blog were being (temporarily) disabled. this was done as a prophylactic measure to stop the flood of comment spam i was getting. my solution worked for about two weeks, but it turns out that my foes are determined.

the rat bastard spammers are back.

i can think of a few forms of human life that are lower on the totem pole [insert lawyer joke here], but spammers are feeding pretty near the bottom of the well. i have a message for these people (if you’ll forgive me for being impolitic): "p*ss off, you worthless scumbags – you’re polluting the internet with useless garbage and save a small minority of individuals, we all wish you would just go away."

how are they spamming me? i’m not sure. i removed code within my site that provided the means to insert comments, but they seem to have gotten around that (they’re probably either caching successful spam targets, or pulling my (cached) pages off Google). regardless, it sucks.

while i don’t count myself as an author, per se, the phenomenon of comment spam would be akin to random people inserting ads about poker or viagra or wanton teenagers inside the books you picked up at Borders (or your favorite indie bookseller of choice). absolutely no one would tolerate that kind of crap (at least, i hope they wouldn’t). and yet blogs are different, probably due to the fact that they’re still in their infancy as a writing form.

so…this dictates a fairly immediate upgrade to my blog. i apologize in advance for any outages.

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