10 things i forget (part I)

in no particular order:

  1. what day of the week it is
  2. whether or not i’ve watered the plants
  3. people’s names
  4. people’s names (it’s so bad that i’ll count this one twice)
  5. going back and buying newlyweds gifts after their wedding if i have no time to buy the gift before the wedding
  6. canceling those stupid free-for-30-day phone solicitor offers that i accept just to get them off the phone without seeming rude
  7. how long it takes to christmas shop
  8. to read lists that i create for myself so that i don’t forget things (thus rendering the process of list creation meaningless)
  9. to turn the heat off when i leave the house
  10. to live every day of life as if it is my last

there are definitely more, although i can’t remember what they are right now…

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