Monthly Archives: July 2004

the pathetic dropout blogger that is me

it’s really lame how little i’ve been writing lately. actually, i’ve been writing a lot – it’s just not anything people would want to read (proposals, PHP, and MySQL queries – riveting).

i’ve got little phrases scribbled all over Post-It notes around my office, each of which stands for the kernel of an idea for an entry that i’m going to write someday i swear if i ever finish writing all of this damn code.

here are some titles. i’ll preserve them here, since every once in awhile, i reach my Post-It saturation level and just throw everything away. at some point, those little colored squares of paper stuck everywhere start looking like a post-modern monument to my laziness…

forthcoming entries will hopefully include:

  • black hole programming
  • i used up a pen
  • inbox (2313 messages)
  • virtuality