Monthly Archives: June 2004

about elaine

my girlfriend elaine is a special person…on some level she knows it, but there are many days when she forgets. i try to tell her, but then sometimes i forget, too. it’s the little things that remind me…
today, as i was struggling out of paradise (aka ‘bed’), she was leaving for work, bustling about the house as usual. at this time of day, she often tells me things that i need to remember for the day, or mentions something or other. it’s usually a blur for me – i was not engineered for morning. and so, words spoken and bag packed, she went off to work with a [kiss].

time passed. i sat at my desk, working in my pajamas until the lunch hour arrived and my stomach reminded me to take a break.

in preparation for making my lunch (mmm….day old tuna salad), i pulled out the stuff from the frig and drawer: "let’s see – bread, mayo, avocado, roma, lettuce, mustard, knife with which to spread…done. time to toast the bread." as i reached into the bag of bread, i realized there were two slices left. under normal circumstances, these slices would be slightly different: one would be a nice, symmetric slice of bread with two sides, and the other would be the heel of the loaf, that one-sided misfit that many of us really aren’t interested in eating.
this time was different.

the last two slices of bread were the same. two perfectly two-sided pieces of bread, ideal for my toasted tuna sandwich. it was then that i remembered elaine telling me she had eaten the heel of the bread for breakfast (because she knows i’m not a fan). i had forgotten completely in my morning haze, and then it came rushing back to me when i got ready to make my toast.

it’s such a small thing, but life revolves around small things. my orbits around the sun are so much brighter because of elaine…

browser compatibility – theory and practice

the following entry is a (sanitized and expanded) version of an email i recently sent to a client explaining some of the issues surrounding browser compatibility and web developement. it’s amazing these issues persist after years of slowly grinding towards a world of web standards…someday, i hope these ideas will seem quaint: "oh, how cute! they used to have to worry about those things…"

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