for my friend dianna rawleigh

my friend dianna rawleigh passed into memory on May 14, 2004. cancer ended her life decades before it should have ended.

she and i worked side by side for a few years, and i got to know her a little (as well as anyone does at work, i suppose). few people are lucky enough to meet someone like dianna, let alone befriend them. and now i’m left struggling to regain my memories of her, because that’s all i have left.

i suspect dianna would be angry if i wrote something too sentimental, too sad, too anything. i suspect she would want me to do what the irish do at a wake – celebrate life, not mourn death. that’s what she was best at – celebrating life.

a few of my perceptions:

  • she wore her salt-and-orange dreadlocks like a crown, a rave queen full of strength and charisma and charm and spirit
  • she was filled with passions and followed them through (art, dance, activism, design, spirituality)
  • she was a funny, vibrant woman who never, ever took herself too seriously, and often helped others to see what a wise thing that is
  • she always took the time to step outside of herself and engage with others and their lives and passions
  • she was a little shy sometimes, not liking to draw attention to herself, which made her that much more endearing
  • she was a wonderful, connected human

was was was.

she is now only memory, and the world will miss her.

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2 thoughts on “for my friend dianna rawleigh

  1. ruthie

    We just attended Dianna’s memorial service with her family and friends of Charlotte, NC. on May 26th. It was a beautiful setting where her ashes were placed – in the countryside cemetary with woods nearby. Dianna’s remains will be among family members – her little brother Kemp and her grandmother and father. The bagpiper played and then an Episcopal priest spoke eloquently of Dianna’s spiritual journeys. The overcast sun was warm but a cooling breeze passed by every few minutes. The piper played “Amazing Grace” as the ceremony ended.
    We all know that Dianna was the queen of the greatest parties – and her memorial service was certainly no exception. We gathered afterwards at Tricia’s house in Charlotte. It was a really special & loving group of people sharing lots of great memories of Dianna. It was great to meet these folks and visit together. We looked at dozens of photos (of Dianna’s many lives.) Incredible! In her sisters I could hear her laugh – most comforting – what a dear friend she was to me.

  2. Greg

    Hi Ruthie, you know I heard Dianna has passed. The internet is vast. Not good for us that remain, but we all grow by having touched her. I don’t believe in an afterlife, but I do beleive in a life that coexists with our current life. Dianna was that.


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