amazing things in washington

some amazing things happened Wednesday in the Sept. 11 Commission hearings. richard clarke, the former white house counterterrorism chief, spoke his mind in a way that none previously has in these hearings:

  • he took responsibility and openly apologized for failures, both his and others
  • he stared at partisan bickering until it went and hid in the corner
  • he spoke eloquently and intelligently about complex matters of foreign policy, national security, and humanity in the modern world
  • he actually answered the questions that people asked him, as opposed to doing the political-CYA bob-and-weave
  • he told it like it is, on multiple occasions:
    • sometimes, american government needs body bags before it’s willing to take action
    • condoleeza rice is a liar and sycophant who is uninterested in facts that deviate from her views or those of the white house she supports [that's a paraphrase]
    • white house advisors often put administration policy in the best light when speaking in public, regardless of the scary grandma hidden in the attic (so to speak)
  • he made it abundantly clear that the bush administration is looking for bumper-sticker solutions to charles dickens problems

it’s no wonder he pissed a lot of people off in washington. oh well. his book is number one on amazon, and in my opinion, he’s the hero of these hearings so far…in the inimitable words of Nelson, “hah ha.”

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