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maui pics

the photo galleries have been updated to include the latest and greatest from our recent excursion in Maui. comments are appreciated, provided they have nothing to do with grammatical errors or oversights on this web site. ;-)

next time, try to strike balance between the following things:

  • desire to be a "thorough" amateur documentary photographer (which leads to a large number of photos, given the fact that they’re all free)
  • multi-mile-wide perfectionist streak that requires exhaustive color correction, cropping, and general knob-twiddling of photos
  • fact that there are 24 hours in the day, and i should really do something else with my time


a few weeks ago, i posted some of the interesting subject lines found in my spambox.

i thought about it a bit more, and wondered, why would spammers send mail with subjects that scream “DELETE ME I AM SPAM!!!”? it turns out there is a very good reason (actually, two reasons – one good one involving technology, and one messy one involving human curiosity and/or naivete). in the course of digging this info up, i spent a little while studying the weird world of spam.

for those interested in some of the hows and whys, read on for the tip of the proverbial spamberg.

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the believer

the believer
i have almost never read a magazine cover to cover. in fact, i have envied those who could find periodicals that would inspire such attention, such devotion, such a willingness to let go of the precious seconds of one’s life to flip from glossy page to glossy page.

after all these years of thinking it wasn’t possible, i’ve reached the periodical promised land.
the believer is a magazine filled with writing that makes me want to write, with oddities that make me scratch my head and smile, and with compelling interviews of often unknown, yet fascinating, people. porn for literati, in other words.

so if you’re interested in offbeat literary criticism, wickedly good writing, and more stuff from the people who brought you McSweeneys, check it out.

[final plug - it also has no advertisements and uses groovy four-color printing on non-glossy paper. it makes me froth at the mouth, it's so good.]

[final, final comment - this is not a paid advertisement. it is an unpaid, completely apolitical although possibly biased, endorsement.]