jerkyll and hyde

sometimes i am a jerk. what can i say – it has always come naturally to me.

my jerk-dom takes many forms, and while i have tried over the years to minimize the appearances it makes, it still bulges out between the seams of my personality occasionally.

last night it made an unwelcome house call during a discussion with Elaine about some short stories i’m writing (i’m still learning how to internalize constructive criticism). today, it reared its ugly head when she and i were weighing various moving options (although, in my defense, i will say that moving is as stressful for me as, say, flying standby from SFO to JFK on Thanksgiving weekend).

i have no excuse for my lame behavioral ticks. sometimes i’m just really mystified at my own behavior. life’s really too short, after all, to be wasting time with such nonsense.

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4 thoughts on “jerkyll and hyde

  1. arvonles

    I have just discovered your blog while searching for “literary hyperbola.” I am still looking for that definition. I enjoyed reading your thoughts very much. They are reader friendly and exercise some words that I havn’t heard more than once, and some I havn’t heard at all. Eschew is to avoid, yes? I think from my limited reading that you are intelligent and I believe jerks make up much of that faction. Do you mean that life is to short to suppress impulses? I guess I would agree to that.

  2. Peter Ketcham

    Well, I don’t remember you ever being a
    jerk. And sometimes you stood up for me,
    which I appreciated. Miss having you here.


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