Monthly Archives: June 2003

cranky hot pants

we’re having a heat wave, san-francisco style – it’s been hot here for a record-shattering two days, and the fog has actually been vanquished to its rightful place over the ocean. i’m sure we’re incurring bad weather karma here, and will pay at some point, but i’m enjoying it. it’s nice to go out without the security blanket of three extra layers (you know, just in case the temperature drops by 45 degrees within 12 seconds of sunset).

apparently, though, this heat comes with another price…

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an evite arrives in your (e)mail, and there it is — that feeling of excitement and anticipation. what’s the occasion? who’s going? what evite design template did they use, the martini glass or the signs of the zodiac?

and then you click the evite, heart aflutter, and it opens, and suddenly you remember…the people who sent this evite actually expect you to respond.

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