it goes woo-woo

Go here.

this is so wrong, and yet, so funny.

after enjoying the show, keep two things in mind: (1) it’s strictly for decoration, and (2) when speeding away after your next TV interview, remember to watch where you’re driving when you put the pedal to the metal. there are kids out there, people.

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One thought on “it goes woo-woo

  1. Andrew Lynch

    Aaaa, democratic freedoms hard at work, no? I have a shoe that sounds like it’s farting when I walk, which is causing some neighborhood locals to think about litigation AND legislation against my ilk. Silent, but vi’lent, that’s me.
    Woowoo is a great example of market forces colliding. Whoever has the most money and influence wins. I doubt Mr. and Mrs. Woowoo and their clan will last for very long, especially since they’ve raised the ire of articulate, educated people. Or at least the 2 we saw in the video report.


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