Monthly Archives: April 2003

it goes woo-woo

Go here.

this is so wrong, and yet, so funny.

after enjoying the show, keep two things in mind: (1) it’s strictly for decoration, and (2) when speeding away after your next TV interview, remember to watch where you’re driving when you put the pedal to the metal. there are kids out there, people.

the right views

in a time when there is so much to write, i have written nothing.

this self-censorship stems primarily from a feeling that certain topics, like religion and abortion, are often best left undiscussed, mostly because they are matters of personal opinion, and not subject to rational discourse. it has also seemed to me lately, at least here in san francisco, that there are clearly ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ things to believe about the war in iraq.

independent of the content of the discussion, this feeling of political and moral righteousness troubles me.

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