some days suck

i should have known it was gonna be one of those days when news of mr. rogers’ death was the first thing to come spilling out of my bedside clock radio.

it just went downhill from there, one molehill piled on top of another, until it seemed like leaving work early was a good idea. here’s the quick run-down:

  • mr. rogers passes away from cancer, erasing any lingering illusions that the nicest people, those who fill the world with good things, are subject to the grim reaper just like the rest of us.
  • i almost got broadsided by a bus driving to work (my bad – didn’t notice the lack of a stop sign for said motorized coach).
  • the guy at the parking garage set off my car alarm when he tried to park the car (still not quite sure how he did that, but…).
  • i looked at the web site i’m developing in Netscape 4.77, and witnessed the worst cross-browser catastrophe in all my years as a web developer. this led to the immediate realization that i might have to rewrite all of the code i’ve so meticulously developed over the past three weeks, which in turn led to a brisk walk around the block, followed by several hours of teeth-gnashing.
  • i had no other work to do while stewing over the aforementioned browser catastrophe.
  • in the downtime, i tried to teach one of my co-developers about JavaScript basics, and failed miserably, which made both of us feel pretty foul.

i should note that all of the office-related events occurred in a malodorous atmosphere smelling of dog urine and industrial-strength floor cleaner. (the office dog, while terribly endearing, is not yet housebroken, and the best efforts of the cleaning man aside, the smells were strong enough to make your eyes water).

by the end of the workday, the browser catastrophe had been downgraded from a red alert to a mere yellow concern, but this was a pyrrhic victory…the day had already been stained, and the best one could do was leave the office quietly, tail firmly ensconced between legs, and hope for a better day tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “some days suck

  1. robert

    on the bright side, it’s my birthday.
    of course, i came down with a cold/flu, but hey, it’s still my birthday…

  2. Andrew Lynch

    Hey, look at it this way. At least we didn’t go to war that day and wipe out several thousand Iraqis. And historically speaking, this was the day, back in 1922, that the Supreme Court defended women’s rights to vote, unanimously declaring that the 19th amendment is constitutional. Now, don’t you feel better?

  3. Elise

    Ok, so I have to say that I didn’t know Mr. Rogers had died, until I checked your blog just today. Kinda hard to keep up on things in the US from the middle of Bohemia. That being said, I am utterly devastated by the news. If I hadn’t just sworn off Czech beer for at least a week, I’d be at the bar right now. Obviously CNN is slacking, if I hadn’t heard about this before!


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