it’s after 10

i like staying up late.

my blood starts flowing more freely once the sun sets. it’s not like i’m out clubbing or bar-hopping or doing many of the typical things that creatures of the night do (blood-sucking and generally wreaking havoc with creatures of the sun). nope. usually i’m pretty boring – i read, i noodle on my mac, i write, i watch movies and consume microwave popcorn with abandon, and sometimes, only sometimes, i listen to music.

unfortunately, the rest of the world does not share my nocturnal bent. my fussy downstairs neighbor, in particular, is one of these people. last night i was cranking my computer stereo at near-maximum volume, sound positively screaming out of my 1.5-inch desktop speakers. i’m lucky my windows didn’t shatter in the cacophony…

fortunately, the aforementioned neighbor came up to provide her form of sound-oriented community service.

(ding dong)

“it’s after 10. could you please turn your music off?”

i was happy about the fact that she said Please, but turn the music off? and is there some unspoken rule about 10pm being the witching hour after which all sound-generating activities must be put to rest? she didn’t even say Hello or Thank You. and just for the record, i have never complained about the awful organ music that is her sole musical predilection.

generally, i try to be considerate as a neighbor. i try not to stomp around, i clean up the random junk paper that collects on the front stoop (a thankless job), and i try to keep it down. all of these little things go unnoticed, though, when the music is on just a little too loud, a little too late.

i’m being a little extreme here. to be fair, the music probably was just a tad loud, and it was 12:30am. sorry.
maybe it was just the nature of the neighborly exchange that ruffled my night-owl feathers. those few tiny words (Hello, Thank You, Down) would have made all the difference.

ok. i’m done being cranky. i’ll go back to being a good neighbor.

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4 thoughts on “it’s after 10

  1. James Badro

    hihihi… not in Nice here, man !!
    You have to understand…
    people need to sleep early, so that they can wake up early, and go to work early, and work a lot and make a lot of money and pay a lot of taxes so that the government can do a lot of wars and kill a lot of people and put their hands on a lot of oil wells so that those who make a lot of money can buy a lot of cars that consume a lot of fuel that polute the air and the seas…
    move, man… this country, although it is yours, is not for you anymore !

  2. Sebastien Merkel

    Oops, he’s not happy!
    It reminds me of my upstairs neighbor a few years ago at university. After a while, we ended competing with my next-door neighbor on who would get her to complain the earliest…
    She moved out.

  3. Andrew Lynch

    You are not alone in your nocturnal behavior. Now that I’m 2.5 years removed from the bore of a day job, my once diurnal schedule has shifted completely the other way. I go to bed about 3am, wake up about noon. I love it, not least of which is because after 10pm, there’s nobody up (including my pups) to bloody bother me! Like you, I do more writing, reading, and thinking after dark than in all the hours of sunlight combined. I am a little pale, but then it’s winter, so who cares?
    I think there’s some local ordinance about post-10pm public disturbances, but I’m not a hunnert percent sure.


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