Monthly Archives: January 2003

rhetoric soup

what is one to believe?

if one were to believe our president, iraq and saddam hussein will be spreading death and destruction across the middle east, and perhaps the world, if we don’t do our “duty” (i.e., bring death and destruction to the iraqi regime as soon as possible).

then again, there are many people far more informed than yours truly who would say the opposite – hussein does not pose an imminent threat, and we should let weapons inspectors do their job. after all, how hard do you think it would be to find a few roomfulls of nasty biological agents in an area the size of california?? i think i’d like to have more than a month or so to do the job…

and so, i will sit briefly in my political analysts’s virtual armchair and offer my thoughts…

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it’s after 10

i like staying up late.

my blood starts flowing more freely once the sun sets. it’s not like i’m out clubbing or bar-hopping or doing many of the typical things that creatures of the night do (blood-sucking and generally wreaking havoc with creatures of the sun). nope. usually i’m pretty boring – i read, i noodle on my mac, i write, i watch movies and consume microwave popcorn with abandon, and sometimes, only sometimes, i listen to music.

unfortunately, the rest of the world does not share my nocturnal bent. my fussy downstairs neighbor, in particular, is one of these people. last night i was cranking my computer stereo at near-maximum volume, sound positively screaming out of my 1.5-inch desktop speakers. i’m lucky my windows didn’t shatter in the cacophony…

fortunately, the aforementioned neighbor came up to provide her form of sound-oriented community service.

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