seeking da vinci

job descriptions keep getting better and better. i wonder, do companies realize what they’re asking for, or are crack pipes just getting bigger these days?

the following job posting was placed on a yahoo group to which i subscribe (names changed to protect the innocent):


The Developer Marketing Group at XYZWidgets is looking for an intern
to assist in developing an important module of the XYZWidgets
website. XYZWidgets is the company behind the uber Widget, one of the world’s
most successful small and ubiquitous devices.

Job Description

Superior writing skills, expertise in Dreamweaver, Shockwave
Flash and html coding and creativity are of primary importance.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Creating mock ups of the web site
  • Developing content for the module and marketing collateral
  • Conducting some market research to understand the needs of the
    developers and end users

Ideal candidate would possess:

  • Expertise in html coding, Dreamweaver and Shockwave Flash.
  • 2-3 years of experience in web site design
  • Familiarity with Java Script
  • Superior written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively with team members of various disciplines
  • Experience with my SQL a plus

Hours: 40 hours per week.
Compensation: Competitive and commensurate with experience.


site developers who do marketing (or marketing people who do site development). flash? everyone needs a little flash, especially for marketing. oh yeah, and the ability to develop superior content for marketing collateral. throw in a little market and user research. one last thing – a little mySQL development experience, so we can store all of that demographic data you’re going to collect.

WOW. i like to think i’ve worked with a lot of highly talented people, but i’ve never met anyone who could (a) do all of these things both simultaneously and well, and (b) would be willing to do it as an ‘intern.’

i used to wax philosophically about the challenges of balancing specialists and generalists, but thanks to the new, old, new economy, it looks like people are tapping the final frontier in skillsets – those who can do just about everything.

of course, about the only thing i wax these days is my car, but that’s another discussion…

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One thought on “seeking da vinci

  1. none

    One doesn’t wax philosophically. One waxes philosophical. Wax, in this case, is used as a copulative verb, just as we use the verb “to be.”
    One can be philosophical (not be philosophically) and one can be poetic (not be poetically) so one would wax poetic, or sound poetic (not sound poetically.)
    While verbs are modified by adverbs, copulative verbs do not take a direct object or an indirect object. The modifier is a subject complement and does NOT modify the verb itself.
    I suppose you think this is some sort of a joke. It’s not, I tell you. You kids and your bad grammar! It makes me sick!
    Unless you are being philosophical about applying wax. That’s a different story.


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