awaken your shoes

aldo shoes has a new ad campaign. i got wind of the aldo revolution on the side of a bus. thank goodness, because otherwise i would have kept looking at shoes in the same old boring way – utilitarian devices we strap to our feet to fend off dookie, gum, glass, and perhaps to occasionally make a fashion statement…

the crux of the aldo campaign is as follows:
“Awaken. Imagine. Inspire. Connect…There’s a world waiting for you to explore.”
i suppose the last bit makes sense – shoes are the vehicles through which we can explore more of the world. now, while aldo probably doesn’t provide us with hiking boots for himalayan adventures, it does certainly facilitate fashionable club outings, office envy, and perhaps even acts as that intangible element to tip the mating balance in our favor.
i’m not sure about awakenings, imagination, inspiration, or connection. maybe i’m just a troglodyte, but i fail to see how shoes, even well-designed chaussures, are a part of these higher endeavors.
the marketing machine clearly has other ideas, perhaps even some deeper vision that escapes me. either that, or they’re just completely full of it.

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