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the dishes are washed, the plants watered, the newspaper held. i’ve performed my pre-vacation household ablutions, and can now leave with a clear conscience.

it’s time for a two-week hiatus – i’ll be gone until oct. 14, and will hopefully have many blog-worthy stories when i return.

a bientot!

get your war on

subversive political propaganda seems particularly apropos these days, as the world stage starts to look like a bizarre hybrid of greek tragedy and monty python. for an often-caustic, always-irreverent, and darkly funny look at US political shenanigans and corporate misconduct, check out Get Your War On. make sure to visit some of the older pieces, particularly those involving Voltron and Enron.
this is not for the faint of heart. you have been warned.

please press “0″

it has become progressively more difficult to speak to living, breathing human beings these days, at least when it comes to getting something that approaches customer service. it used to be that help was just a phone call away, but now your fingers just can’t do the walking.

what specifically am i talking about? well, have you ever heard this phrase: ‘if you’d like to speak to a customer service representative, please press “0″. you will be connected to the next available agent. the current wait time is unavailable, but we suggest you go out for coffee. and maybe a bagel. thank you!’

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icelandic pancake

last saturday, elaine made a pancake in the shape of iceland. we were cooking breakfast, and there it was, bold as day, staring at me from its warm place of rest on the griddle.

now, under normal circumstances, i wouldn’t be able to make an assessment about the shape of iceland, or any other island country, for that matter. if the pancake in question had been born another day, i might have suspected it looked like bali, or perhaps one of the Hawaiian islands. maybe even one of the bahamas. i might have even just thought it was a tasty little pancake, ready to be drowned in butter and maple syrup.

but this particular pancake arrived at an auspicious time…

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