Monthly Archives: August 2002

being jean-luc picard

a few of my close friends (okay, maybe just two), have said the hollywood figure i remind them of is jean-luc picard. when they told me this, i took it as the highest compliment, because i can only dream of having the same wisdom, wit, and composure. [for those of you not familiar with jean-luc picard, he's the captain of the USS Enterprise on 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. there - i've just provided another data point that confirms i am a geek.]

tonight i watched ‘X-Men’ while eating my bowl of home-made green tofu curry (ok, i had popcorn, too). of course, patrick stewart (who plays jean-luc picard) is one of the main characters in X-Men, and his role is similar to the one he played in TNG – mentor, teacher, leader, role model.

each of us has (or had) people like this in our lives (hopefully, at least). they don’t take cash payments to make a difference – usually, they do it because it’s who they are, it’s what they want to do. most of the time, they’re probably unsung heroes, not hollywood heroes or sports superbeings – just regular folks – your friends, your parents, your lovers, your teachers, your colleagues. i’ve never really ackowledged these people in my life, and i want to do it now, for no particular reason, in no particular order, and with little explanation. (if you don’t see your name below and you know me, best to assume that my forgetfulness got the best of me…)

  • mom and dad (progenitors, fonts of wisdom, funding sources)
  • elaine hsieh (long-standing significant other)
  • mike kovalenko and family, kevin green and family, martha brant, chris mitchell, curtis fong, joe kress, betty lin, bill halloran, robert keil, polly grewal, tad palmer and family, trevor davis and family, pam leong, eric fredricksen and tracy, roberto de leon, jerry beltran, dianne west, laura hollingsworth, john dorgan, susan bogy, james badro, sebastien merkel, lisa ingenieri, kellie walsh, jim and jocelyn warren, james hopkins and marni, dada bacudo, andy and melinda roosen, sharon glotzer, lynette cains, nick armstrong and tania perry, claire evans, steve and allison langer, john harris, jason and laurie turner, anthony yell, ryan hoguet, steven sassaman, andrew lynch, travis culwell, jenny mclean, gene lee, alan yost and debbie, linda yeo, carl and feyna oman, chris jones, connie harvey, ramon colcer, ryan freitas, alder yarrow, ylva wickberg, aidan bunting, heather and clem odonnell, hideki kimata, aoi matsumoto, fumiko ikeshiro, naoko fujino, and on and on and on (good friends)
  • karol kunysz, barbara carson, gary shapiro (high-school teachers extraordinaire)
  • didier de fontaine (grad school advisor)
  • ben burton and judy devaney (post-doctoral advisors)
  • chris and whitnie wolverton, mark asta and theresa forni, vidvuds ozolins and alice heele, gerd and ineke ceder, dave teter, jeff hoyt and tracy spallina, john rodriguez, craig and marty carter, dane morgan, mark kraitchmann (grad-school cronies)
  • professors jeanloz, gronsky, falicov, haller, theodorou, hanson, morris, vollhardt, strovink, wu, and others (all uc berkeley deities)
  • the whole site-dev gang at sapient (especially kevin g, erin k, pascal and betsey g)
  • many many many others who have taught me things, helped me laugh, helped me enjoy life

thanks for everything, in case i never said it before, or didn’t say it enough, and in case you ever read this…all of you have made a difference in my life.