double vision

the most bizarre thing happened to me today. either i’m losing my mind or there are beings with strange powers walking the planet.

i was walking back to the BART station after a fine lunch with my friend Travis, when i saw a large black woman coming towards me. the street was fairly empty, so i couldn’t help but notice her. she was maybe five and a half feet tall, equally round, with a short afro like tangled clumps of steel wool. she was talking to herself quietly as she made her way down the street, mutterings intelligible only to her. all of this paints a fairly common picture in san francisco until we get to her shirt – a white T-shirt with a black-and-white face shot of Brandon Lee, wearing his full goth-clown makeup from ‘The Crow.’

why this woman would be wearing this T-shirt made no sense to me. maybe it was not so much chosen by her, as it was simply available. in any case, i spent about 5 seconds thinking this was odd and then fell back into whatever ocean of thought i was sailing before i saw her.

about four minutes and two blocks later, i looked up and saw her again, walking straight toward me in the same direction she had been walking before, muttering, Brandon Lee’s face staring at me with that crooked clown smile.

i had been walking in a straight line at a reasonable pace. i made no stops. she was walking in the opposite direction, moving much more slowly than i. and yet, somehow, she appears in front of me again. it was like that scene in ‘The Matrix’ when Keanu Reeves sees the black cat twice (you know, glitch in the matrix, they’ve changed something, blah blah blah).

there are really only a few scenarios possible:

  1. she is an undercover Olympic sprinter. she ran around several blocks, stopped, and started walking again, just to mess with my head.
  2. she is actually an alien disguised as a street person, and has a small teleportation device that she used, just to mess with my head.
  3. she turned around right after i passed her, sped up, passed me without my noticing, then circled back to walk the same way again (just to mess with my head).
  4. she took a four-block cab ride just for giggles (…).
  5. i am losing (or have lost) my marbles.

i think i need a job to distract me from noodling about things like this…

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