Chris Mitchell, a long-time friend of mine from Laguna Beach, recently perused my noodlings here. it seems my writing and snapshots got some gears moving in his spirit (forward-moving, pleasant gears, as it were). he made some very kind remarks, and then went on to suggest that i lead a remarkable life. i was so flattered that i didn’t know what to say.

not only did i not know what to say, i wasn’t sure if i agreed with him entirely. at the risk of sounding disingenuous, my life often seems pretty pedestrian to me, although i do enjoy it quite nicely.

i have good times with good friends, am lucky enough to have a loving girlfriend whom i love, do work that i often like, and occasionally take a little adventure here or there. i’m also gaining a bit in waist circumference, have hair that feels the pull of gravity and greyness, occasionally feel my work is meaningless and boring, and often have no idea what i’m really doing. in other words, there’s some good and some bad, some peaks and valleys – a landscape that i imagine is similar to the lives of many others.

but maybe i’m not really seeing things clearly…maybe a veil of subjectivity has clouded my vision.

inside my fishbowl, i swim through familiar moss-covered castles, over cobalt blue rocks, and i have fine fishy friends that pass through. every once in a while, i visit another tank or see one from a distance, and it seems so much more inviting than my own, so different. sometimes i’ll see divers, or bigger castles, or even sunken Spanish galleons full of treasure, and my pathetic bowl seems so pallid and boring in comparison.

but then someone outside my tank tells me how wonderful my castle looks, or how interesting those moss formations are, and that i should feel lucky – and i realize that i should, and i do. i lead a remarkable life – i think we all do, in our own ways.

now if only i could get that dang moss off the inside of my tank, i could see fred’s new plastic octopus…

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