necessary adversity

“challenge and difficulty matter less to the great majority than accomplishment and gain.”
  – Greg Bear

it’s always great to come across unexpected gems in books. i wouldn’t have anticipated the above quote from a sci-fi diversion, yet there it was, and it got me to thinking about my ongoing (un)employment situation.

every time i face a little adveristy, i find myself fighting it on some level, as if it is a foe to be defeated, compared to the rewarding comraderie of success and simplicity. it’s a meaningless value judgement, of course. and yet, when adversity comes knocking on my door, i often kick and scream, like a child who’s been told that santa claus won’t be coming this year.

it brings to mind the whole life-as-race cliché (i.e., in life, you run, you jump over some hurdles, and at some point, you cross the finish line to accolades, wealth and cheering crowds). my dad, attempting to pass along a little wisdom (thanks dad), once gave me an article decrying this cliché as fallacy. the writer suggested that life isn’t really a single race that has an end, so much as it is a series of races, each with its own hurdles, and the rewards of crossing many finish lines. sometimes the reward isn’t even that great – maybe it’s just some luke-warm gatorade and a little breather before the next race. the point is that to expect only a single race makes the next one that much harder to run…

so i’ve got a few hurdles to jump over – big deal. it’s just the latest race in a series, and the hurdles i have are molehills compared to the mountains many others leap over – i’ve got no reason for complaint.

besides, the exercise will help work off this gut i’ve developed…

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