simple, yet seminal

the myriad distractions of modern life drive our attention away from the things that are important. perhaps the most critical of these things are the people we call friends, lovers, comrades in confusion and joy.

without a feeling of duty associated with work, i am constantly focusing my attention (and numerous spare moments) on the people in my life. connection becomes an ever-present necessity, instead of an unfulfilled desire. our relationships are the things that survive any employment chaos, any strife. in fact, they are the things that help us to rise above any challenges that we face, whether personal or professional.

ryan hoguet and i spent this evening in a sci-fi universe- a nerdy pleasure, to be sure. such simple things, a little star trek voyager, followed by starship troopers, with intermingled dialogue about the politics of warfare and post 09.11 malaise. and maybe some slightly drunken ramblings about how these bits and pieces connect with the other parts of our lives and our world views. before this, a day spent with elaine traveling through time to see the thoughts and ideals of the dadaists and surrealists, followed by an indian feast fit for kings.

i would not trade these things for the greatest treasure. i am a lucky man. i hope that i never lose sight of these gifts.

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