fight entropy

there is a silent enemy at work in our universe, a misanthrope who toils over his trickery in the shadows. the patience of ages is His, as He weaves a cloak of chaos and disorder through the fabric of our lives. many know His name, yet He is misunderstood and often simply tossed aside like so much high school physics. His name is Entropy, and He will dance with us until the end of time.
His greed is boundless – there is nothing He can’t touch, no trinket beyond His wandering eye, no task too great. He wears your car down. He makes your hair drop out. Stars and galaxies fall under His spell like fair maidens under a vampire’s gaze. His allies are everywhere – the snickering dishes in the sink, the dust mites on the floors, the pile of disorganized photos in the closet, the luggage of friends that explodes to fill the house.

armed with vacuum, spray cleaner, and anal-retentive genes, i dance with Him, and he whispers illusions of order in my ears. but then lassitude strikes me, and He smirks as my laundry piles up to the ceiling and my garbage overflows.
someday i’ll go over to the Dark Side, and revel in the supremacy and beauty of His chaos, but for now, i’ll keep my vacuum cleaner handy.

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